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 Blonde Hair 

There is an old saying that blondes have more fun, find out whether or not that is true by buying some of our great Blonde hair extensions. You can use our Blonde hair to create great Blonde hair weaves or you can just lengthen your own personal style. A lot of people find that all it takes is a few Blonde hair extensions and instantly their hair looks a lot fuller with volume that everyone else is envious of. Whatever your final goal is, our Blond hair will help you nail it with just the right color and style.

Our Blonde hair extensions are made using the proprietary Malaysia Hair Imports custom coloring by experts. They use top of the line coloring techniques to make sure that the Malaysian hair is not damaged at all in the process of dying. Generally dying the hair does leave behind some damage and can even lead to split ends, but the experts that take care of our custom coloring make sure that the hair color looks completely natural and the Malaysian hair still looks like it has been untouched. For this reason, you will not be able to find any better Blond Hair anywhere else.

All of our stunning Blonde Hair Extensions are available in sizes that spread between 14" to 30" but if you have a specific style in mind or need a longer or shorter length for your Blonde Hair weave then feel free to call us. If you contact us we will be glad to help you get the exact style so that you can get the exact look you are after.

When you receive your Blonde Hair one thing you might notice is that there are a few color variations in the bundles. Blonde hair naturally has different layers of color in it that come from the natural layers in regular hair. Many people enjoy this sun kissed look, but if you have a personal preference you can always choose to have a professional stylist match up the color to be exactly what you want.

While you are preparing your Blonde hair weave you might notice that the hair weighs slightly different. This is because although we strive to make sure our bundles weigh 3.5 ounces, sometimes there is a slight difference of an ounce or two. When we take donor hair we do not alter it at all, and all hair strands have their own individual weight. Therefore, in order for you to get top of the line Blonde hair extensions we have to allow for small weight variations.

Our Blonde hair extensions all offer great low to medium luster which means that they have a nice sheen but are still coarse enough in texture that they will blend in perfectly next to your natural hair. Whether you want a full Blonde hair weave or are just looking for body we have the perfect selection of custom color infused Blonde Hair extensions to make it happen for you!


*Custom Color and Orders takes up to 10 days to make*



Our products range from 12″ to 30″, and longer or shorter styles can also be arranged through a custom order by contacting us.



Our virgin hair comes in a combination of completely natural off-black and dark brown colors. There will be color variations between bundles, some lighter and some darker. The hair can be colored, we suggest using a professional stylist for coloring.



Our bundles of hair weigh between 3.0-3.5 ounces.   It is normal for virgin hair to have a slight weight difference as we do not alter from the single donor.



Machine made wefts are one continuous track which varies in length based on the length and texture of the hair. Machine wefts will not unravel when cut, if sealed properly.



Low to Medium meaning the sheen that blends in best with natural hair.  Another benefit of low to Medium luster hair is that it tends to be coarse as well, which is ideal for the most natural look.



It’s heavier, thicker and fuller than Indian hair. It’s sleek, soft and has a natural wave to it when wet. African American relaxed hair blends very well with Malaysian hair.



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     Malaysia Hair Imports Custom #613 Blonde Hair Extensions       Blonde Hair Extensions    Lengths:    Our products range from 14″ to 30″, and longer or shorter...

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