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 Braiding Hair 

If you want to create your own wigs or wefts then it may be worth taking some time to look into purchasing bulk hair from Malaysia Hair Imports. You can also use the bulk hair to help create tree braids or braiding hair which allows you plenty of room for creativity with your new hairstyle. Sometimes adding a bit more hair is all you need to get the length or the volume that you need for your hair style to look amazing. By purchasing virgin braiding hair it is possible to achieve the perfect style even if you were not born with the perfect hair.

All of our bulk hair is made out of 100% natural virgin human hair and is the highest quality possible. All of the hair that is sourced by Malaysian Hair Imports is only taken from the healthiest donors to maintain its full gloss, beauty, and strength. It all comes in its original natural color which is level #1B an off black/dark brown color. It can however be dyed to match whatever color you need which makes the bulk hair much more versatile for your use in the long run.

The braiding hair is all naturally textured and full of body and life which is why braiding it into your weave will help you get the volume you need. It also has never been colored or chemically treated which ensures that it arrives at your door in the healthies condition possible. The cuticle of each strand of braiding hair is fully intact from the root to the end of the strand. This means that it is high quality and will withstand at least a few installs and washes. The bulk hair can be washed the same as you regular hair making it easy to maintain the health of both your natural hair and your hair extensions.

Each bundle of bulk hair is single drawn which means that the bundle features slight graduations in hair. This allows it to match the natural shape of hair given the fact that hair grows a bit uneven from the scalp naturally. Therefore, a slight gradient will allow the braiding hair to appear normal. Most of the time people choose to buy bulk hair to use as extensions in braids, but there are plenty of install options for the creative consumer and stylist.


Gird List
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      Braiding Hair Extensions - Bulk Raw Hair    Completely loose without track 100% Virgin Human Hair Approximately 3.5 ounces or 100 grams   Natural #1B to 2 color   Naturally texture of...

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