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Burmese Hair 

Our Burmese Virgin Hair Extensions is very rare most exotic hair type on the market today. Burmese hair is very rare and unlike other hair types because it has a natural sheen that is unmistakable and bound to catch attention. The hair cuticles of Burmese hair extensions are flawless, and since it is a highly sought after hair not everyone has it. This makes those who choose to wear it flawless by definition as well because they have captured what other people are still looking for. Soft, easily styled, and sleek, Burmese hair extensions are one of the trendiest options on the market today, so it is worth taking a minute to check out our unblemished selection of Burmese hair.


Burmese Hair


All of our Burmese hair extensions range in size from 12" to 30" and we are willing to accommodate any length. We can easily create longer or shorter Burmese hair styles if you contact us and place a custom order. When you purchase virgin Burmese hair it will come in a variety of different off-black and darker brown coloring because natural hair tends to have variations of color in it. These different shades actually help to add a hue of authenticity into the hair. If you look at your own hair likely you will notice color variations as well. You can however color the hair to perfectly match your own shade if you like although we suggest consulting a professional hair stylist for the best results with your Burmese hair.

You might also notice that each hair of the Burmese hair extensions bundles weigh slightly different. On average our bundles weigh between 3 and 3.5 ounces. It is very normal for virgin hair to have different weights and we do not alter them at all once they are taken from the donor. Therefore, in order for you to receive the flawless virgin hair you have to account for slight weight differences. Of course, the difference is so small that once you have the Burmese hair weaved, combed, or glued in it is very unlikely that you will notice the difference.

Burmese Hair has a low to medium luster which allows the sheen to perfectly blend in when placed against natural hair on the head. This is one of the most popular luster levels to obtain for any hair extensions and is another reason why everyone loves Burmese hair. It also has a coarse feel which allows it to fit next to natural hair well, and behave similarly when you are styling it.

At the same time, it has a very soft and thick texture that closely resembles African American hair. Burmese hair has a lot of natural curl and wave which allows it to easily be styled into curls or any other style of your choosing. Even while wet it holds its natural wave and natural sheen so you don’t have to worry too much about losing your hair to the rain. With so many benefits to Burmese hair, it is definitely time to have a look at our collection of Burmese hair extensions if you have not yet done so. 



Our products range from 12″ to 30″, and longer or shorter styles can also be arranged through a custom order by contacting us.



Our virgin hair comes in a combination of completely natural off-black and dark brown colors. There will be color variations between bundles, some lighter and some darker. The hair can be colored.  We suggest using a professional stylist for coloring.



Our bundles of hair weigh between 3.0-3.5 ounces.   It is normal for virgin hair to have a slight weight difference as we do not alter from the single donor. 



Machine made wefts are one continuous track, which varies in length based on the length and texture of the hair. Machine wefts will not unravel when cut, if sealed properly.



Low to Medium meaning the sheen that blends in best with natural hair.  Another benefit of low to Medium luster hair is that it tends to be coarse as well, which is ideal for the most natural look.



has a thick soft texture much similar to African American natural hair. It’s very wavy or curly, full looking and is very versatile in styling and can hold curls very well. It’s sleek, soft and has a natural wave to it when wet.




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