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What is a lace closure versus a silk-based closure, and how do I know if I’ve purchased a quality closure?

A lace closure is simply a layer of lace that has hair attached to it. High-quality lace closures have these qualities:

  • They are made from Swiss lace, which has a very thin mesh. The thicker the mesh, the cheaper the lace.
  • They have baby hairs at the front to mimic a natural hairline.
  • They have bleached knots to make sure the hair underneath is not visible.
  • The size of the base is important. Smaller lace closures are cheaper and cover less area. Better closures measure at least 3.5 inches by 4 inches.
  • The edges are reinforced to minimize tearing. Many cheap closures will tear at the edges.

Silk-based closures have two layers. The first layer is silk, the second layer is lace. They provide a completely natural part. High-quality silk closures have these qualities:

  • No hair will be seen from the bottom since the knots will be located between the silk and the layer of lace.
  • Again, a high-quality silk-based closure will use Swiss lace, not Chinese lace.
  • The silk should be very thin and not heavy.
  • The size of the closure matters. Indique’s closure measures 3.5” x 4”. Most companies sell a 3” x 3” closure. The larger the closure, the more it costs to make.

For both lace and silk-based closures, the quality of the hair is important. Always choose Remy virgin hair over Non-Remy hair. The density of the hair makes a difference too. Most companies make closures with less than 85% density to reduce the amount of hair used. Malaysia Hair Imports makes closures with 130% density. We do this to allow for more hair in each extension. You can reduce the thickness after you purchase the extension, rather than not having enough hair at the outset.


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