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Hair Color Rings


The point of buying hair extensions is to make sure that your hair looks and appears perfect. Therefore, you want to make sure that you can style your hair perfectly once you receive the hair extensions as well. This is why Malaysia Hair Imports sends out custom color rings to help make it a bit simpler to achieve the perfect hair style. The custom color rings can be used to give you an idea of what each tone looks like in real life, and to help your stylist see the color and texture so that they can decide the best way to processed with dying it to match or highlight your natural (or also dyed) hair.

Each hair extension color ring offers a wide variety of tones that range from natural to red and ash. In addition, each ring also feature bleach colors that can be used for those who want the platinum look or those that want flexibility with their hair color options. The colors are categorized by their tones and placed in proper order by level with level #1 ranked as black and level #613 ranked as platinum blond. There are 27 colors in all on the hair extension color ring in the four tones of natural, ash, gold, red and bleach.

Excluding the bleach colors, all of the hair extensions offered by Malaysia Hair Imports are coated with a pre-metabolized fiber dye. This dye is permanent so while you can deposit a darker shade of hair on the hair extensions, any lightening has the potential to cause discoloration so lightening is not recommended. Therefore, it is best to choose a shade that is lighter than you natural shade or desired shade if it is not already on the hair extension color ring and then have the stylist dye the hair extensions darker to match.

If you need more flexible hair extensions then your stylist can choose one of the bleach hair extension colors due to the fact that these have never been dyed and are not coated. Therefore, the stylist will be able to create their own tones perfectly against the neutral base to create the perfect hair style for you. Of course, before lifting or depositing any color on the hair extensions it is always wise to perform a strand test on the hair extension.

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