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Hair Extensions Tapered


Why are hair extensions tapered, and how many pieces do I need for a full sew-in?


  • Long hair is never all the same length. At Malaysia Hair Imports, we receive our virgin Remy hair in ponytails. After washing the hair, we remove any hair shorter than 8 inches before creating our extensions. This gives the finished pieces a natural taper. If you purchase 18-inch hair, you’ll typically need two pieces for a full sew-in. You’ll need more than two pieces if your extensions are over 22 inches long.


  • Chinese manufacturers create fake virgin hair with Non-Remy hair. They blend different hair lengths together to mimic the tapered shape of natural hair. They use many short hairs, and all the thickness is concentrated at the top. These fake virgin extensions are very thin at the ends and require 4-6 pieces for a full sew-in.


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