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 Hair Samples

Many people that have never tried hair extensions or wigs are apprehensive about how real the products will feel. They worry that the hair will look artificial or will not bond correctly with their hair. At Malaysia Hair Imports we work hard to make sure that you receive only the best virgin hair, and we make sure that you feel comfortable with the products we offer. This is why we send out Virgin Hair Samples so that you can see firsthand what you will get if you order our hair products. Our Virgin Hair Samples are made with the same 100% high quality virgin hair that all of our products are.

Each Mini Sample Kit comes with about 20g to 30g of our virgin hair in a tiny ponytail. You can carefully inspect the hair in each ponytail and see that the high quality of your product. By feeling it you can also get a sense of the human hair so that you can see how easy it will be to weave, sew, string, or loop it into your own hair. Most people are shocked to find that the high quality hair is very similar to their own making it a perfect match for any trendy hairstyle that requires more length or volume.

If you like to see a product before you invest in it then our hair samples are a great start. You can smell, touch, look, and feel the type of hair that you are thinking about buying and get a real idea of how it will perform in your hair. Some people even flat iron, wash, curl, and style the sample ponytails so that they get a sense of how the texture will respond in their hair once the extensions are in. If you are curious about whether our top notch hair extensions will help you create a trendy style the samples are a great indicator.

Each Virgin Hair Sample Kit contains samples of three different types of hair. Each hair sample is 20 grams in weight and should be sufficient for determining which texture will be the right fit for you. Included in the sample kit are Cambodian Body Wave Ponytail, a Malaysian Virgin Hair Straight Ponytail, and a Burmese Loose Wave Ponytail. As the names denote, they each have their own texture and luster so you can see firsthand which is the best match for you.

All of your virgin hair is 100% human hair and is premium grade. Our donors eat a vitamin rich diet and no split ends or any other frayed hair is included in the bundle. The hair is very soft and is healthy and clean since we thoroughly wash it with natural organic products. You will not find any acid washed hair, fillers, or short hair in each bundle. In addition, we make sure that every cuticle is intact so that you can reuse hair extensions for quite some time making Malaysian Hair an investment that you will continue to reap the benefits from.



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  • Sample Virgin Hair

    Sample Virgin Hair Description: Mini Samples kits are 20g to 30g virgin ponytails. From these mini samples one can inspect and verify the product quality. Our sample virgin hair is a great way to touch, feel, look and...

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