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Lace Closures


One of the number one complaints that people have about hair extensions or hair weaves is that they do match their hair perfectly. That won’t happen if you try out our Malaysia Hair Lace Closures. Our Lace Closures are made out of a delicate weave that easily blends into your head of hair so that you can part, style, or do anything else that you normally would and there is no evidence that you are wearing extensions. They are flawless and easy to insert so that you get a hair weave, a trendy hairstyle, and no one is the wiser.

All of our Lace Closures are made out of 100% virgin donor hair which means that the end result is shiny, flawless, and natural. The same way that we guarantee all of our hair extensions, all of the virgin hair in your lace closure will be authentic. Origins of hair are not mixed and absolutely no synthetic hair fibers are used. The hair that you will receive on your hair closure will be 100% real hair and that is why the result is so stunning once placed onto your head. The hair is guaranteed to be high quality so it will blend in with your hair perfectly regardless of whether you are looking for body, length, or maybe a little bit of both.

Each Lace Closure is individually attached to the base of the lace so that when you part your hair the wave will not be evident underneath. This tiny but intricate detail ensures that you get trendy hair with simple ease. The Lace Closures are available in lengths of 14" and 18" but if you have another specific need you can feel free to contact us. We are willing to work with you to create a custom order that is measured to your exact needs.

The bundle will be weighed to just a little over one ounce and you have three different textures/origins of hair that you can choose from. When choosing what type of hair consider your natural hair and consider what type of style you want to achieve with the Lace Closures. By choosing a hair type that is close to what you want it will be easier to style and get the end result. We are proudly able to offer 100% unspoiled Cambodian Body Wave, Burmese loose wave, and Malaysian Straight as options for your Lace Closures.

All of the Lace Closures are made with a highly durable Swiss lace which prevents them from fraying or coming unraveled while they are in your hair. The knots are not bleaches to preserve their strength and the density is 100% thickness. This means that the lace has a lighter density along the hairline and then thicker elsewhere so that the end result is a trendy and natural finish. If you want a hair extension that looks completely natural then take a look at our great Lace Closures today.

*Closures are Made to order and ready to Ship upto 7 to 14 Business Days* 


Gird List
  • Malaysian Straight Lace front Closures

    Lace Front Closures  Size:The width of a human hair does not have a standard measure since we have different hair structures. Our size standards are 3.5x4.'' Length and weight:The measures include 14" and 18" but...

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