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Lace Front Wigs: 

There are a variety of reasons why some women lose their hair. Some experience hair loss as the result of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy while others simply find their hair starts to thin as they age. Alopecia is another common reason for hair loss as are some medications that also induce hair loss. Regardless of why you lose your hair, all women deserve to still look and feel their best which is why Malaysia Hair Imports offers are high quality lace base wigs. Our Lace Front Wigs are not only extremely durable, but they are extremely natural looking allowing you to have a full head of hair without anyone else knowing it's not yours.

The authenticity of our Lace Front Wigs is well known which is why many high profile people and celebrities order from us on a routine basis. Our Lace Base Wigs are extremely authentic due to the fact that they are actually made out of 100% human hair. There is absolutely no synthetic hair in the wig weave at all. The end result is that the hair can be parted in any way and the scalp and hairline will look completely real. You can even blend the hairline of the wig into your own natural hairline and absolutely no one will ever know you are wearing a wig.

While the Lace Front Wigs are the perfect solution for women that have lost their hair or experience thinning hair, they are also the perfect match for any busy woman that does not have time to spend hours at the saloon or at home in the morning creating a stunning hair style. Instead, they can pop on their lace wig and walk out the door looking like a star with very minimal effort. Of course, since anyone can wear them they are also a great option for any woman that wants to make a quick change to her hairstyle without worrying about the permanence of a drastic color or cut.

All of our wigs can also be customized to your head shape and demands to make sure that you get the look you are after and the best fit. The cap/base of the wig is designed first with exact measurements to fit your scalp and then human hairs are hand tied into knots along the lace. The knots are then bleached so that they are not noticeable. The lace extends either in the front or along the wig perimeter to make it simple to trim down the wig to perfectly fit your hair line.

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  • Lace Wig

    Virgin Lace Base Wigs    Hair: All of our wigs are made of 100% Virgin human Hair    Cap Base: Full Swiss Lace with silk top to hide the knots.   Stretch Lace: Special stretch...

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