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Lace Frontals 

The point of an excellent weave is to look natural, and with our 100% authentic human hair extensions it is easy to look natural. However, Malaysia Hair Imports takes it a step further by allowing you to get excellent results with our Lace Frontal Closures. Each lace front closure weave is created to help create a hair line that looks as natural as your natural hair line. When a weave is worn with a lace frontal closure, no one will be able to tell that your natural full bodied hair is not your own. Just a warning, you may get a few jealous stares from those who want the same voluminous hair you now have!

There are two ways to wear the Malaysia Hair Lace Frontal Closures. The lace frontal can be blended in with your natural hair so that your extensions magically appear to have roots, or you can use them to close off the sew-in weaves towards the front of your natural hairline. Either way, you need to make sure that you seal your frontal closure every single time because if you do not the lace will shed each time that it is washed.

Each lace frontal closure measures 13 x 4 inches and fits from one ear to the next so that your complete hairline is woven into your weave naturally. If you have another fit in mind or want a very custom fit we are willing to create a frontal closure that is crafted to your exact measurements.

One thing you can trust when ordering from Malaysia Hair is the fact that all hair is authentic, high quality, and 100% human hair. We offer several varieties to allow you to choose the body that you want and the perfect texture to compliment your own. Among the types offered is Malaysian virgin hair, Cambodian virgin hair, and Burmese virgin hair.

All of the front closures are 100% hand tied so you can rest assured that the detail and intricacy of each piece is delicately maintained by a sharp eye. The front features baby hair so that the hairline appears to be very natural. Since the hair is high quality it will easily last through several different installs allowing you to use it over and over again. Therefore, it is high quality and a great value for you as a consumer.


Gird List
  • Lace Frontals Closure

     Lace Frontal Closure   Size:The width of a human hair does not have a standard measure since we have different hair structures. Our size standards are 13" X 4   Length and weight:The measures include...

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