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Micro Loop Hair 


Many people want full and luscious hair, but they are under the impression that hair extensions can damage the hair so they forgo trying to get more volume. However, we have made it easy to get the hair you want without worrying about any collateral damage with our new Micro Loop Hair Extensions. These extensions are made to simply side into the hair so that they do not damage the cuticles or any strands of hair, and they are so easy to put in that anyone can do it! If you want a new trendy hairstyle you can now get it with the aid of Micro Loop Hair Extensions.

If you are familiar with Stick Hair then you should be right at home with these new hair extensions, because the Micro Loop Hair Extensions are simply the updated and trendier version of Stick Hair. Every hair extension is made out of 100% virgin human hair. The hair is not only high quality with a nice natural luster, but it has been untouched so it is soft and healthy to the touch. The main difference is that hair extensions incorporate the Micro Ring System so you do not need to have any hair extension tools to put them in.

In fact, all you will need is a pair of professional hair extensions pliers. This is due to the fact that hair extensions already have a Micro ring and Micro Loop installed on them. This reduces the amount of time you need to spend installing them and makes it simple to get great looking natural hair extensions with a very small margin for error. You do not need to worry about any type of sewing or glue and since there is no mess there is no fuss or damage to your natural strands of hair following removal.

Installation is very simple if you follow the step by step process. First, parcel out a section of your hair across the back of your head in a straight line and clip the hair up. Twist up a small piece of your own hair and insert it through the plastic loop in the Micro Loop hair extensions. Get a firm hold on the micro ring and pul the plastic loop until your hair is inserted through the micro ring. The plastic loop should be free from your hair and the extensions after passing through the micro loop. Pull the micro ring so it is about a centimeter from the scalp and then use the pliers to shut the loop.

In that one swift second you will have installed the Micro Loop Hair Extensions and are ready to try out whatever trendy hairstyle you have had your eye on! It is now so easy to get voluminous hair that you will wonder why you have never tried to do so before. Plus, removal involves simply un-flattening the ring and removing the hair! Let us help you get the perfect loop without any hair damage with our grand selection of Micro Loop Hair Extensions.

* Takes up-to 7-14 Business Days to custom make Micro Loop extensions * 

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  • Micro Loop Hair Extensions

    Micro Loop Hair Extensions   Quantity:  100 Strands of Virgin Hair   Lengths:  Our products range from 16″ to 26″, and longer or shorter styles can also be arranged through a custom...

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