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 Silk Closures

Malaysia Hair Imports Silk-Based Lace closures provide the most realistic looking scalp because the knots has been hand tied into the closure are not visible. 

Many people spend years taking special minerals and vitamins attempting to grow back hair that they have lost along their hairline. Other people with thin hair spend hundreds on products guaranteed to give them fuller more voluminous hair. The end result is usually the same, they are unsuccessful. If you want the trendy hair you have always dreamed of you should chose a solution that is guaranteed to work the first time like our high quality Silk Closures. They are unnoticeable once in and flawlessly will sit against your scalp so that the strands look as if they are coming from your natural hair line.

We make sure to measure all of our Silk Closures perfectly so that they will sit snuggly against the scalp at 3.5" x 3". They are measured between the lengths of 14" to 20" but we can also do custom lengths if you need a specific length to match your trendy hair style. Since the Silk Closures are made of only the top virgin human hair from donors you can easily cut or style them anyway that you like. This will help you achieve the perfect look.

As mentioned, we do not touch the virgin hair so it is 100% authentic and that is one reason why our Silk Closures are a top seller. Outside of the fact that the light silk closure sits lightly on the scalp and remains undetected, the hair is unspoiled. It usually comes in an off black color which is its natural color from the donor. You might notice some variation in the color, but this is because natural hair tends to have several shades it in from different exposures to the light. By allowing the variations to shine through the hair will more naturally blend with your hair for a flawless finish.

There are three different textures and origin choices when it comes to choosing a silk closure. Each of these great hair types comes with the same Silk Closure and is a great choice for many different modern trendy hairstyles. Your options include Burmese loose wave, Malaysian Straight, and Cambodian Body Wave. It is best to think about what trendy hairstyle you are likely to wear the most before you choose a type so that you can minimize styling. Keep in mind however that you can style, curl, cut, straighten, shampoo, color, etc any of the silk closures so you do have many options open to you past the original texture.

Stop worrying about a thinning hair line or hair that falls flat an hour or so after you style it. Get the volume and the thick hair that you have always dreamed of with our excellent high quality Silk Closures. With just one simple investment you can get high quality hair weaves that are perfectly hidden into the base of your scalp so that no one but you will ever know!

*Closures are Made to order and ready to Ship upto 7-14 Business Days* 



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