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Tape In Hair 


If you are looking for a new trendy hairstyle but don’t quite have the length or the natural volume that you need to pull it off then you might want to check out our new exclusive line of tape in hair extensions. All of our tape in hair extensions are made out of 100% virgin hair which means that they look and feel completely natural. In fact, no one but you will ever know that you have hair extensions in as you gather up compliments about how great your new hairstyle looks!

Not only are out new tape in hair extensions extremely authentic, but they are also available in many trend colors so that you can easily match them to your hair type. All of the hair extensions have a fully intact cuticle which means that you can easily curl or straighten them depending on your intended hair style with just a little bit of low heat. They will feel exactly like your hair and one wash and they will revert back to their normal texture so that you can style them again.

When you decide that you are ready to remove the hair in extensions all you have to do is use bond remover and they will come right out without any pain or tearing. You likely will not have to worry about this much as one application will generally stay in place healthily in your hair for four to six weeks. At this point you can re-install the hair extensions as they can be reused two to three times. These means you get approximately four months of use out or high quality tape in hair extensions!

Of course, before you have to worry about taking them out you need to worry about application. However, we have made our tape in extensions easy to install so that you do not have to be an expert to handle the application. Simply section out a thin sheet of your hair and clip it up. When you are ready take out the inner surface on the tape of the hair extension and simply attach it underneath the hair that you have clipped up. Then do the same thing on top of the same piece you have sectioned off to create a sandwich with your hair in the middle.

The end result is a completely natural section of hair that suddenly has much more volume, length, or maybe both! Tape in hair extensions are truly the safest and easiest way to extend your hair without any issues. Plus, each package of our hair extensions comes with ten pieces that each weight about 2.5 grams allowing you to place them in five areas of the head. Since we have them available in many types of authentic colors you can simply choose the texture and color that will blend into your natural hair the best.

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  • Tape In Hair Extensions

    Tape Hair Extensions Quantity:  20 pieces per pack  Each strip is 1.5" wide 2-3 packs needed for a full application.   Lengths:  Our products range from 16″ to 26″, and longer or...

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